Our Story

Poolzies® was founded by Steve & Pia, an expat couple based in Singapore, who have always dreamt of having their own business.

Their idea for Poolzies® was seeded one very hot sunny day, while on a family holiday, at a water park with their 18 month old son, Aiden. The ground around the park was just too hot to walk on, especially for Aiden, so they popped into the shop to find some cooling gel and happened upon a pair of shoes designed for wearing around the pool and bought a pair. After that their little boy wore them every time he went to a swimming pool or water play.

Within a few months they had worn out and needed a new pair but couldn’t find any in Singapore or elsewhere in Asia and didn’t really want to travel all the way back to their holiday location just for some shoes. They had been noticing that whenever they went swimming, a lot of parents were asking them about Aiden’s pool shoes, hence their idea formed of turning it into a business. To be able to produce pool shoes using the best quality durable materials along with the comfort, versatility and convenience of knowing their children can use them until they grow out of them.

Being parents has changed Steve & Pia’s outlook and priorities in life. Parents value safety as the first priority in any activity and their pool shoes might be one of the answers to preventing kids slipping and falling accidents around pool areas, bathrooms, water parks, beaches and even indoor and outdoor play areas.

Both parents are strong advocates of pool safety and are now reaching out to local pool instructors, clubs and schools to encourage the use of anti slip footwear for young children.